In the heart of the Alps: A motorhome trip through Switzerland!

Join Julia and her dogs on an unforgettable journey that takes us through breathtaking landscapes and charming Swiss villages. From majestic peaks to sparkling lakes - discover the beauty of Switzerland on four wheels! 

In terms of scenery, Switzerland is considered a paradise for travelling by motorhome, although the land of the Swiss is not the easiest country to travel to when it comes to camping and pitching infrastructure.  With its spectacular alpine landscapes, sparkling lakes and picturesque towns, Switzerland nevertheless offers a unique backdrop for unforgettable motorhome adventures. The well-maintained roads and mountain passes allow for mostly carefree driving fun through the breathtaking landscape.

On my last trip, as always in my beloved Sun Living S 70SP and my 3 dogs, who are already little camping pros, we were able to see and enjoy countless highlights of Switzerland. 

We travelled via Bavaria, the Lake Constance region and the Vorarlberg to where the Swiss Alps reveal their first jewel: Lake Klöntal.

Lake Klöntal is located in the canton of Glarus and is a natural mountain lake that was formed by a slump from the southern and a landslide from the northern flank of the valley and then dammed with an earthfill dam to form a reservoir. Its turquoise water shimmers in the sun like a sparkling gemstone and captivates visitors from near and far. 

To fully enjoy the beauty of the area, I recommend visiting during the week outside of holiday periods to escape the hustle and bustle due to the popularity of the lake at weekends. 

The next highlight of our motorhome adventure this time took us high up into the breathtaking Swiss Alps. The winding road meandered through picturesque mountain villages and offered us breathtaking views of green valleys and snow-covered peaks again and again. The Sun Living S 70SP was at its best and mastered the challenging switchbacks with ease.  

The three dogs and I spent the night at a quiet campsite at the foot of the Furka Pass. Our journey continued through the picturesque Goms valley, where lush alpine meadows and traditional Valais villages lined up like postcard motifs. The murmur of the wild mountain river accompanied us on our way and invited us again and again to spontaneous photo stops.

After two nights in the Zermatt area, we were drawn further afield and wanted to return to the Bernese Oberland. To get there, we dare to take the motorhome a special way and we are to take the car train from Goppenstein to Kandersteg. I have never done that before.

When we reached the train station in Goppenstein, we were impressed by the good organisation and the fact that everything is actually quite simple and straightforward. Although everything is tight, it is still easily doable and so the train takes us safely through the Kandersteg tunnel. My Sun Living had completed the train journey with flying colours and we were grateful for this new experience. 

Finally we reached Lake Oeschinen and it was as if time stood still. The clear water invited us to dip our feet in and enjoy the moment. The surrounding peaks were reflected in the glistening lake, adding a magical touch to the landscape.

After the dogs and I had enjoyed the lake idyll to the fullest, we wanted to start our way back. But suddenly a thunderstorm surprised us, leaving us only the gondola as our way back. Fortunately, the Sun Living remained unscathed and we could make our way to our last campsite in Lauterbrunnen. 

This enchanting place is known for its breathtaking waterfalls, majestic mountains and an abundance of adventure opportunities. We were excited about what awaited us in this dreamy valley.

The days in Lauterbrunnen were filled with natural wonders and unforgettable experiences. This valley of waterfalls has crept into our hearts and will forever remind us of this unforgettable trip. If you are looking for a place that enchants you with its beauty and inspires a sense of adventure, Lauterbrunnen is the perfect destination! But now it was time to start the journey home. 

The 12 Paws and I have seen a lot and can't wait to have more adventures with our Sun Living S 70SP. 

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