An entirely original take on the camper van.
A new form of recreational vehicle. Crossover or semi-integrated, you decide.
Overcab motorhomes rethought

Our story. Our values.


New thinking for a new generation of leisure vehicles. Innovative new solutions and Sun Living exclusive features in every vehicle.


Flexible bedrooms which hide-away to become additional day-time living space, bathrooms which hide-away when not in use to free up more space and seats which pop-up when you need them.        


Original thinking with genuine open-plan living when you need it. Motorhomes with more headroom and easy access between living spaces. Campervans with room to live more comfortably.

Made by Adria Mobil

Designed and manufactured by Adria Mobil, one of Europe’s leading recreational vehicle manufacturers since 1965. Purpose-built in the most advanced state-of-the-art factory in Europe.


Easy to choose and own Motorhomes and Campervans are making touring holidays more convenient and ownership more simple, all vehicles with smart layouts, features and specifications.


1. All year round, just get up and go. It's easy.

You can always simply decide and go have some fun! Sun Living vehicles are made for all seasons, just get up and go exploring. Follow your heart and indulge your passions.


2. Always feel like you’re at home, closer to nature.

Your Sun Living, your things, your style, your home away from home. Right there close to nature. Get out there!

3. Live and work from anywhere.
Feel connected when you want to be! Plenty of plugs and USB sockets to connect your equipment. Most campsites offer decent Wi-Fi, so live and even work, from where you want to.
4. Your own accommodation.

No more expensive hotel rooms, with a Sun Living vehicle, home is where you park it. Super comfortable accommodation – yours!

5. Family and pet friendly.

Travel with your family and your friends. Kids love the outdoor life and yes, they can take their favourite things with them. Also, Sun Living is ready for your pet.

6. It’s a community.  

Wherever you explore new spaces, you’ll meet like-minded people. It’s a new way of living, a lifestyle with a community. On your travels and online with Sun Living social media too.


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