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Sun Living season 2020 highlights


Sun Living is our brand for new (and experienced) owners looking for easy vehicles to own, with more space and at great value for money.

So, for the 2020 season we haven’t changed a winning formula, we’ve just upgraded on some key areas:

  • Our new season vehicles are all powered by new FIAT Euro 6d temp engines under the hood and with many driver aids to choose from.
  • There are also some changes visible on the outside, like new graphics and the silver cabin option is something that really stands out.
  • Our garages are now even higher and come with even bigger doors on both sides as standard. All are now equipped with power towers for your e-bikes.
  • Inside, we have added two new layouts: S 70 SP and A 75 S, both with bigger families in mind.
  • Small but important, many times requested feature are the SUB sockets on our new reading lights.
  • And there are also other new details like our new Triton textile.
  • Let’s not forget the new 60l tank for better weight performance, leather trim in the cabin, different black exterior trim options and so much more.

Come visit us at a shows, talk to your dealer or explore more on our website.