Wet, cold and perfect

Brouwersdam in the Netherlands was again the host of the European Freestyle Pro Tour finals. At DAM-X our two champion friends, Lina and Val Eržen again amazed the crowd and the competition proving that they can compete against much older competitors and still achieve great results.


More about the event and the results here, but we sat down with Igor, their father, to talk about their latest Sun Living experience.


“We are grateful to Sun Living for lending us the A70DK again. We knew it from last year and were excited to use it again, since it's such a functional and roomy layout. The biggest difference this year was the weather – very wet and cold, so we actually had to use the awning, but not to shield us from the sun, but shelter us from all the rain.”


As you can imagine surfing equipment is wet all the time and when the conditions don’t allow you to dry it outside “the heated garage box of the Sun Living is a real blessing. Heating in general works perfectly; it's a real pleasure to come »home«, set the thermostat to 23°and quickly forget about the chilling water.”


Sun Living is proud supporter of users who truly value the spaciousness and functionality, especially when they give our vehicles a proper test and with the Eržen team we have a simple partnership, where we don’t demand much from each other, but do everything we can for best results. They do it on the surfs and we provide comfort for their rest.


Igor concludes: “Sun Living is a perfect vehicle for a sporty family like us. And I have to mention the low energy consumption: we had absolutely no problem staying on the parking lot for three days without 220V supply.”


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