Walking the dog!

A motorhome is great to take your dog with you for different reasons. First, traveling is easier for them compared to flights for example. So instead of finding a dog sitter, you can probably take your dog, depending on size, the place you travel etc. Also, even a small dog makes you feel a bit safer and at home.


So when we decided to take Nikoleta with us we knew it would work, but had to find a good spot for her.


She is a very calm and quiet dog, so we know sitting in her bed for hours wouldn’t be an issue. And she’s used to travel in a transport box, as we have her in our car on most our trips.


The transport box fit perfectly into the space between the seats, the only thing, we had to take out the small table - but we stored it in the garage in case we need it. Nikoleta had a safe places that was easy to access for her.


The storage under the seat there was also perfect to keep her leash, bowls etc. right when getting in and out of the car. Most of the time we would feed her outside to avoid having her hair all over the car. A larger dog also wouldn’t have any issues with getting in and out of the car thanks to the entrance step.


And it was exciting to see her explore new places. It was her first time to a beach, and Nikoleta enjoyed running around in the sand. Just make sure to visit a beach that allows dogs, and of course have a poo bag with you.