Trip to the German coast at the Baltic Sea

Late summer 2020 we had 9 days left for a well deserved break. And the possibiity to test the new Sun Living S 75 SL with automatic gearbox. This was not something we really had to “think about”. The island Rügen has been on our bucketlist for a while so that became our destination. The Dutch Motorhome Club offers you a beautiful trip which takes up to 21 days but after rearranging the puzzle, we shortened it. The cities along the way stand out because of their midieval buildings, big churches which clearly show the prosperity in that time. Via Hameln to Bremen, Lübeck and Wismar to reach the island Rügen. Very recommendable!

Early morning September 25th we started our trip. 

On our way to Hameln. The new 9 gear automatic transmission in this Sun Living makes your trip truly carefree. No changing gear during this trip drives a lot more comfortable and we can pay even better attention to the road.

Our first overnight stay is at Hanse Camping Am Stadtwaldsee in Bremen. They have a wonderful terrace with Waldsee view. Time for our first diner and a good glass of beer. Tomorrow we plan to visit the center of Bremen, which is just a short bikeride away. So we go to bed early after a relaxing first day on the road.


Wonderful view from the campsite terrace

These Evopore mattrasses in our Sun Living really make you sleep like a rose! We get up, enjoy the shower and our first breakfast in the motorhome. We take our bikes off the rack on the back and leave for Bremen city. The freedom we experience with this way of spending our holiday is such a treat. Bremen is magnificent and despite the Corona measurements very open with kind and friendly people everywhere. 

Bremen center is just a few minutes away.

We skip a few cities and travel to Lübeck. We find a small campsite just outside the city. Our Zenec navigation system, specially designed for motorhomes, is set to Bremen center is just a few minutes away avoid highways. We enjoy the countryside and take it easy and slow.  

Once in Lübeck we are overwhelmed by it’s beautiful buildings and vibrant city center. The weather is good to us. Back home in the Netherlands it’s raining cats and dogs and we are on a nice terrace with a nice cold beer!


Lübeck amazes us.
We’re in good company!

We leave Lübeck behind us and head to our next destination, Wismar, where we hope to find a spot at Wohnmobilpark Westhafen, in the harbour. We hear it can be full already during mid day, so we leave on time. And we manage to get a good spot there. And we are in good company as our neighbours travel with a Sun Living motorhome as well!

September 29th, we’ve been travelling for 4 days. A true joy in this Sun Living S 75 SL. We sleep very well and the seating comfort is really good. The practical layout with a lot of storage space keeps the motorhome tidy and neat. We spend the day in Wismar. Visit the harbour and walk through the historic city center. 

The seats are in the right position, we’re ready to.

Just before the crossing to Rügen island, you find Stralsund. With a campsite that offers a view on the bridge that connects the 2. We visit Stralsund and are again treated to a city center that breathes history. But now that we can literally smell the Baltic Sea, we cross the new bridge to Rügen island. 

Who is photographing who?

One could travel around multiple days on Rügen alone. But as this is a “mini break” we choose to ride along the coast from Campsite Prora. Doing so gives us a good reason to come back 😊 as we see only part of the island.

We always wanted to see Prora.

A good infrastructure for cyclist and hiker. With a late summer sun and a fresh seabreeze we ride to Binz. It is about 10 km away: a wonderful area with beautiful beach houses and the characteristic colourful German beach chairs. 100% pure pleasure!

Wonderful colours at the beach.
This is Binz as well.
We are on holiday!

The island is very friendly for people travelling with a motorhome. At the campsite we are staying, the place you have is spacious and surrounded by beautiful trees.

We continue our trip, although destination “home”. We divide the way back in 2 days so that we can have 1 more night extra. We have such a great time and we actually do not want to go home yet. Probably because we feel we have our home with us. Our own things, our own private hygiene facilities, this Sun Living makes us feel like we’re travelling with our own home. 

Our last stop is Drage where we sleep on the riverside of the Elbe at Campsite Stover Beach. One final breakfast in the motorhome and our trip will be a very nice memory.

Just a little under 1.600 km in 9 days, beautiful cities, nice food, friendly people and a wonderful Sun Living motorhome .. that is how we will remember this mini break.

Thank you Sun Living Benelux.

Richard & Anneke van de Pol

Greetings from Lübeck