There is a first time for everything!

Imagine, you work in the motorhome industry but you have never travelled in an actual motorhome. What do you think when you read this? Exactly, something is not right here. Time for a change. Time for our first trip in a motorhome.

So, we had the same idea as the majority of the Dutch people: let’s go camping with a motorhome. 

We at least have to try once. With big thanks to Adria Benelux who made this adventure with a Sun Living S 75 SL possible for me and my girlfriend Bo.

Friday, May 21st 2021, our d-day. Our adventure with Sun Living starts, we are really on our way now. It is a motorhome with automatic gearbox and it drives so comfortably. It is following the other traffic really well and even speeding up to pass a slower truck is not an issue. Not that we do that a lot. We drive mostly on the right lane to enjoy the ride and the landscape. I was pleasantly surprised the drivers’ seat felt so comfortable. I had the feeling I could drive all the way to the South of France without any trouble.

Our destination was “Berg en Dal” in the southern region of Limburg. We arrived at the site, took out tables and chairs and started preparing our first meal. The motorhome has a large refrigerator (with a freezer even!) so we could take all our favorites with us. The weather was very nice so we enjoyed our meal outside. What a great way to start of weekend get-a-way.

Before we will spend our first night ever in a motorhome we have a last drink as a perfect ending of our first day. Honestly, we slept like babies! I stayed in many different hotels with luxurious beds but I did not miss them at all whilst sleeping in this Sun Living. So after a good nights’ sleep we started the next day bright and early.

We had taken our bicycles with us and enjoyed several rides in the beautiful nature Limburg has to offer. And eventhough the weather did not do us any favours this day, our mood never went down. Limburg is really beautiful even when the sun hides behind the clouds.

After “Berg en Dal” we drove to Maastricht. The capital city of Limburg. Now the burgundy part of our trip began. We found a nice place to park the motorhome, at the marina and enjoyed the many terraces and nice food and drinks. Maastricht is nice, very nice. Especially if you really like to go shopping 😊.

Unfortunately, our first motorhome trip was coming to an end. We enjoyed it a lot. Everyone speaks of the feeling of being free when camping and doing that with a motorhome specifically. And it is all true. You can go whenever wherever you want. Make your own plan. That was something we really liked a lot. No waiting lines or delays, just peace and space. Making your own breakfast (I don’t do that very often 😉), doing the dishes, you are on holiday, it really does not matter. Being in charge of your own time, doing the activities you like and even being in control of the place you wake up in the morning … it is so relaxing. 

Adria Benelux, thank you again for a wonderful experience! We have to save up a bit more but travelling with the Sun Living convinced us on which brand and model we would like to go for when we can!

Kevin and Bo