Sun Living - The choice of champions!

She's only 13. He's only 11. Yet they are both windsurfing champions!


Lina and Val Eržen are the future of windsurfing. Their enthusiasm for the waves started at a really early age. Sponsored by their father Igor, a big windsurfing lover, Val first stood on the board at 5 and Lina at 6 – three years later they were already making big waves in terms of achieving great results in competitions, including euro and world championships, where they are competing also against much older athletes and even easily beating them regularly. So, yes, a lot of their results were shaped in a golden medal ... At Sun Living we are always exploring new possibilities and when Igor Eržen contacted us, we were already ready to do something together.


As you can well imagine, exploring the best places for training and also getting to all the places, where competitions are organised, demands a comfortable, reliable and durable motorhome. The Eržen family have been using their own (home-made) motorhome, which Igor himself created out of a wrecked vehicle he bought some 14 years ago. He has long been a fan of Adria Mobil and was actually following the Adria design – but that's a story for some other time!


This story is about the family using the Sun Living for the first time: we loaned it to them when they headed to Netherlands to take part at the European Championship in Brouwersdam


Read the story and you will learn what are the qualities of champions and why Sun Living just might be the best choice of champions.


Brouwersdam is 1300+ km away from Slovenia but Sun Living A70DK handled it effortlessly, without a single problem.


Igor: “The vehicle is made for 5 people, so you can imagine that the three of us had really a lot of space – perfect choice of the model. The drive was super comfy, the vehicle handles the roads superbly and I couldn’t feel all of the equipment we stacked in the big garage box. I couldn’t believe it was possible to fit everything in, but we managed. I divided the space, using a wooden board, into two halves. It also made it easy for us then to use it – you can just take out what you need.”


Igor explains that at the event place there is a big lagoon with an enormous parking space arranged around it, where everybody parks. The majority of competitors uses cars and vans, so the big Sun Living stood out immediately. The family is also known for their already mentioned motorhome, so everybody was surprised to see them in a new, shiny white motorhome with big blue logo. Igor explains: “Everybody wanted to see it from the inside, at it was no problem, since there is enough space and sitting places. The all liked the Sun Living concept, feel and look. I showed them the hide-away bathroom and all other space-using tricks, feeling pr


And how did our champions like using the Sun Living?


Val: “I especially loved the big bed behind the curtain, where I was able to play with my cars! There is also a lot of drawers to put all the things I usually take with me. And also, he fact that there are two tables is fantastic, because it was much easier to do homework."


Lina: “Big bathroom with enough space, where you can put down your accessories. Also, the fridge is enormous, so you can really pack it well. I also think there is a lot of storage places and big wardrobes.”


These things perhaps seem obvious but when kids notice them, you know they’re special. If a kid says there is a lot of space, then well …



Experienced motorhomer Igor also found the excellent heating system really useful: “We are always drying our neoprene clothes… every minute is welcomed here, so we appreciated the heat and we also found a way to use the extra space of hidden bathroom – we hanged the neoprenes on the ceiling so that the water was dripping into the shower tray.”


If we return to the beginning of the article. About the champions and how they differ from more normal people. They have the feeling to find new space, they just naturally know, how to best use the space available and how to turn every inch of space into their benefit.


Yes, it really seems that Sun Living is perfect for champions, since we are also concentrated on finding extra space and focusing on how to use it. Follow us to see how we are doing that and for more Lina & Lal travels and success, for we are confident that the partnership will continue.


However, Sun Living is not just for professionals. We created it with you in mind. Everything is designed so that every person can feel the space and use the vehicles intuitively. Our promise is that you will feel like a champion in a Sun Living even if you haven’t used a motorhome before.