Sun Living is the best for winter!

I think it's appropriate for me to share my reasons why Sun Living campervans are my choice for travel to competitions.

I had the opportunity to attend all the Freeride World Qualifier series races that took place in Europe last winter season with my Sun Living A 70 DK motorhome. I would say I thoroughly tested it during the season, as I lived in it for more than a month and drove over 6000 kilometers with it in all weather conditions, from the western Alps to the Peloponnese in Greece with many stops in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and many countries of the former Yugoslavia…

… so I think it's appropriate for me to share my reasons why Sun Living campervans are my choice for travel to competitions.

At first, I thought the A 70 DK model would be too big and maybe too cumbersome for my needs, but I changed my mind as soon as we packed all the necessary equipment for our upcoming adventures. The equipment space is truly huge and can actually be doubled, which leads me to my first reason why Sun Living is my choice. I am usually the person who takes the most things or the most sports equipment on a trip, so enough space is perhaps my least demanding requirement. You know, it's always good to have some backup, in case your original plans fall through, so I usually take too many pairs of skis, climbing equipment and sometimes even surfboards or kite equipment.

The living area of Sun Living is designed simply but very functionally and thoughtfully. There are definitely enough storage surfaces, and there is also enough space for all the recording equipment, laptops, chargers, clothes, books, etc.

The usefulness of the motorhome is definitely enhanced by the fact that the kitchen can be easily converted into a ski service area, which must be properly prepared for competitions.

In addition to skis, your body also needs to be well prepared for the competition. This is much easier to do in practice if you have a physiotherapist with you in the field, who of course also needs a suitable space to perform the therapy and prepare my body optimally for the next day. In the Sun Living A 70 DK, a bench can be converted into an additional bed in a matter of seconds, which can also serve as an excellent space for therapy.

  1. Home is where you park it
  2. Office
  3. Physiotherapy ambulance
  4. Ski service
  5. Simple yet highly functional
  6. Enough space for equipment
  7. Offers all the comforts of home
  8. Shelter from bad weather
  9. Always in the right place
  10. Driving capabilities - great in snow

The longer you spend on the road, the more important it is for your vehicle to offer comfort. Here, the A 70 DK has truly stood out as it practically offers an office, kitchen, a huge bed, and shelter from bad weather, etc. Considering all of these things, I think I can summarize without exaggeration that Sun Living offers all the comfort of home.

During the ski season, you can't avoid all the possible road conditions, so good driving qualities of the motorhome are extremely important when you find yourself on a steep snow-covered pass in the Alps. I'm happy to say that in the previous season, it never let us down.

In conclusion, I must not forget the biggest advantage of traveling by motorhome. Perhaps this is also the most obvious reason why Sun Living… Simply because it's a house on wheels, it allows me to follow the best snow conditions in Europe and I am always in the right place and I truly enjoy spending my season this way and with Instagram posts using #HomeIsWhereYouParkIt.

Maj Štirn is a freeride skier – a skier who spends most of his time searching for fresh snow. For the last four years he is also participating in freeride competitions with a goal to qualify for the freeride world tour.