Spontaneous motorhome Easter holiday

A varied motorhome tour through a particularly family-friendly region.

My husband, son and I had planned to go to Lake Garda during the Easter holidays. But sometimes things turn out differently than you plan: the weather forecast predicted days of rain and cool temperatures. However, we were tied to our first-grader's school holidays. So I quickly threw our holiday plans overboard ... 

When researching with the weather app, we realised that the Bavarian Forest had the best weather forecast over a wide area. What's more, it quickly became clear that this holiday region has a lot to offer around Easter and is prepared for changeable weather. Perfect! We added one attractive excursion destination after another to our wish list at top speed, checked opening times and had an itinerary ready in no time at all.

Even on the way to the Bavarian Forest, there was no shortage of sights. We drove for around an hour via the A9 and A93 motorways north to Abensberg. Our first destination was the Kuchlbauer Easter Market and the imposing Kuchlbauer Tower - a Hundertwasser architectural project. Unfortunately, a guided tour of the beer world was no longer possible when we arrived in the afternoon. We'll definitely have to make up for that when we get the chance!

After travelling on for a quarter of an hour, we stopped at Weltenburg Monastery. We walked to the monastery, trudged up the hill from the monastery courtyard and strolled back over the ridge through the golden-lit evening landscape. Here, as in Kelheim and along other parts of the Danube, you can take a leisurely trip on a passenger boat. But to be honest, we didn't have enough time or stomach for that on this road trip.

Next, we headed for Kelheim. The town has a large, central motorhome site. We set off on foot from here the next morning to visit the imposing Liberation Hall. We were the only visitors as soon as the building opened. At first, we were impressed by the appearance and acoustics of the hall. When we then discovered that we could climb an adventurous spiral staircase to the airy balustrade of the building, we were completely enthralled and were able to take lots of unusual photos. On our way back, we strolled through Kelheim and warmed up again in the child-friendly café at the Donautor.

At lunchtime, we managed to get one of the last parking spaces at the Walhalla. We were lucky that our compact Sun Living A 60 SP could be parked anywhere. This time we were surrounded by crowds of people around the imposing historical building and in the large marble hall, which somewhat diminished the magic of the memorial. Afterwards, our junior finally wanted to go to a typical children's destination, so I took him to the Tobiwelt indoor playground in Cham, while Fabian could conveniently stay in the motorhome.

After this intensive day's holiday, we spent the night in St. Englmar. More precisely, right in front of our next excursion destination: the treetop walk in the forest park, with a house on its head, 24 unusual ball tracks and lots of surprising optical illusions. We were the first visitors as soon as the park opened and couldn't stop being amazed. What a varied excursion destination for the whole family! Including high-quality catering. 

We had arranged to meet up with friends in the park that day and adapted our motorhome tour accordingly. Unfortunately, it got extremely crowded on Saturday afternoon and we decided to end our visit to the park earlier than planned. At least we were able to use the time to drive on to Furth to do some shopping. We spent the night in a quiet car park in the forest.

The next morning, Furth im Wald was on the programme. Our first destination was the curious Flederwisch adventure world. The little guests get big eyes in the shop, at the gemstone search and the gold washing, while the older guests have time to slow down here. We parked directly in front of the adventure world. From here, we took a walk into the city centre at lunchtime. With a short stopover at one of the ice cream parlours, we walked to the Further Felsengänge. The guided tour started at 2 pm. 

A great experience for adults - but not for imaginative young children with a phobia of spiders. Unfortunately, the guide didn't advise us well in advance. A visit to the dragon cave a few minutes' walk away was a quick distraction. On this day, there was no live demonstration of the Further Dragon, the largest walking robot in the world. It stood quietly in its hall and yet had a remarkable charisma. I would really like to see it in action on a future holiday in the Bavarian Forest!

After another 20 minutes' drive, we reached Bad Kötzting. More precisely, the car park at the spa gardens, where we spent a heavenly, restful night. The spa gardens were perfect for looking for Easter nests, jogging and playing. The fridge was well stocked and I tried out a new campervan recipe: blanched bimi broccoli with scrambled eggs. A tasty and healthy meal that could be prepared in no time at all in our practical campervan kitchen. Thanks to the comparatively spacious work and storage areas in the Sun Living, we like to cook in our motorhome frequently.

The next morning we travelled on to Bodenmais to the Joska Glasparadies, where the kids can take part in a big gemstone hunt every year on Easter Sunday and Monday. Unfortunately, I wasn't convinced by the location: too crowded, too much sugar stuff and a dry Steckerlfisch. But, as we all know, tastes differ...

The weather immediately turned cool and rainy and my husband had a few emails and video calls to deal with. After so many wonderful experiences, we also felt like slowing down. That's why we checked into the Bodenmais camping resort for three nights. Right at the start, the modern campsite surprised us with a large hall where we were able to inspect and wash our motorhome roof using a ladder tower. Two fully automatic cleaning stations empty the toilet cassette in the hall for €2. At the same time, we were able to drain our waste water into an opening in the floor and top up with fresh water. We found the rubbish containers outside the hall around the corner. Once the motorhome was shiny inside and out, we rolled onto our pitch and I treated myself to a cosy break in the sauna area.

The next morning got off to a luxurious start with a hearty breakfast at the campsite's hotel buffet. While Fabian then opened up his laptop in the motorhome, my son and I spent the morning in the cosy breakfast room. We read, puzzled, tinkered and snacked until a bright young boy came to our table. This was the beginning of a great camping friendship for the entire stay. The two of them spent the afternoon in the play barn, while we parents had a lively chat in the bar area of the hotel. We ended the evening back in the campervan.

The next morning, my husband turned Sun Living into a productive home office while we had a good time in the breakfast room. In the early afternoon, we managed to persuade the kids to splash around with us in the warm Skypool. To see a little more of Bodenmais, we walked to the climatic health resort that evening and ate some delicious pizza.

On the last morning of the trip, we had breakfast in the motorhome. After checking out, we drove the two hours home via Deggendorf and Landshut in one go. Here, too, there would have been one or two sights on the return journey, which we left out this time due to the weather. But anticipation is the greatest joy and we can well imagine travelling to the Bavarian Forest again soon with our beloved Tiny Home.

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Best wishes and have a safe journey at all times,

your Carolin