Shred time stories with A 75 SL

4 Ladies (+Bikes). 1 Mobilehome. 0 Plan.

When four ladies who are enthusiastic about the outdoors set out on their mountain bikes and a 7.40 m long Sun Living A75 SL camper van from Gebetsroither, then fun is inevitable.

Originally, we ladies from “shred time stories” wanted to head for the Balkans with our fully mountain bikes. Due to the pandemic and the limited travel options, we decided to first discover our beautiful home on two wheels.

With little plan, but a lot of motivation and a good mood with us, we also start looking for the best trails in Austria. In order to get to the best bike spots (apart from the well-known big bike parks), a suitable mobile home must of course not be missing. Gebetsroither has equipped us with the best of Sun Living's camper, which provides exactly the right equipment and the best comfort for our outdoor project! We quickly stowed the mountain bikes and all the equipment (with four ladies there can be a lot) and are ready for the upcoming adventure. Into the big camper and departure. After a few careful turns with the big vehicle, we quickly realize that the camper drives like a normal car and is super easy to use. A little relieved and quite excited, it finally starts!

We don't yet know what exactly to expect, but that makes it all the more exciting. From the Lakes Millstättersee to Wolfgangsee, we try to trample the best corners and trails with our bikes. We also travel over hill and dale from one federal state to the next, whereby we never forget our main motto: "Have fun together in nature and enjoy the short break between work and everyday life to the fullest". Every place and every mountain we pass has its own charm and we are always fascinated by how diverse and great Austria is.

But the time between our daily bike rides is also used best and we feel really comfortable in our large camper. Whether it's morning coffee, after-bike snacks, or preparing dinner, the stomach growls often and loudly. Then it's time to quickly conjure up something good and satisfy your hunger. And in the evening one or the other drink should not be missing to end the day, until we then fell into bed completely exhausted, but satisfied (who would have thought that a camping bed could be so comfortable!).

There are still a few more mountain bike adventures waiting for us this summer, but until then it's best to just take a look at our trip-video and see what we and our Sun Living camper have been up to: 

Text, Video and Photos: shred time stories