Motorhome vs. sailing holidays

We are a family changing our course. We used to go on sailing holidays but now we went with a motorhome for the first time.


Such a relaxed start; we park the motorhome behind our house and start packing. Spacious cupboards are filled with clothing, groceries in the fridge and simply just because we can, we take extra toys and games for the kids as there is so much space. It is Friday afternoon and as soon as we pick up our son from school we leave. Germany here we come!


A traffic jam ends our smooth start but we don’t let it spoil the mood. We enjoy the drive and our children, Stijn of 5 and Anna of 2, play games in the back. We decide to stop and have dinner first so we can continue our trip after the busy traffic. The holidays have really begun.

After 175 km and in the dark we arrive at the parking area of Ponyhof Leiting. Friends told us an overnight stay here is free of charge. Two more motorhomes are already there so we decide to park next to them. The giant bed in the back of our Sun Living is for the children. We can close the door there so we can have the living area to ourselves. We turn on the heating, have a drink and play a game. Already the motorhome feels cozy. When it is time to go to bed, we pull down the bed above the saloon and climb on. Long time since either one of us slept so high above ?.


The next morning we have a nice family breakfast together. As soon as Ponyhof opens its doors the kids run into the playgrounds. Multiple rides on adorable ponies and playing around the motorhome gives them so much fun.

Motorhome offers much more freedom to enjoy and it is a huge contrast to sailing with the kids.


When sailing you are continuously watching them, putting on the life vests, changing diapers under a sloping roof, go about, docking and heading out to the open water etc. whereas the motorhome feels much more like at home.


Sun Living's large garage offers space for all our bicycles! So in the late afternoon we ride towards the little town and have dinner at the local pizzeria. Stijn loves riding his bike on his own in Germany and to be honest, I am quite proud of him.


On Sunday we leave for the Eiffel region. Max smoothly drives the motorhome while I check possibilities for parking tonight. We choose a campsite and drive there. It is located in a valley at a small stream. After a wonderful ride we arrive. It is not that crowded and the owner is obviously tired, it’s the end of the season. This does not spoil our fun at all and with the playground in front of the motorhome the kids play and we can relax in the nice autumn sun. For the first time during the trip, we prepare our diner inside the motorhome.


Sun Living really fels like home. Everything at hand.


Finally we go for a walk in the forest the next morning. The beautiful colours of the season, mushrooms and picture perfect views … this is what I have been waiting for!


After that we continue our trip to Trier where we find a nice motorhome spot at a vineyard. This afternoon we stay near the motorhome, play games, cook dinner, take a shower and go to bed. The following day we cycle to the lovely centre of Trier. This city is really worth visiting with its authentic buildings and nice village-like atmosphere. Of course we take the little train for a city tour. And to celebrate the holiday one more time, we have some sweet cakes after.


Before we go back to the Sun Living, we pick up some small groceries. Once returned, we store the bicycles in the back and go to the next stop on our list: France. That same afternoon all four of us enjoy the heated pool on a campsite in Saverne.


We decide to stay here for two nights. Visit the nice village, enjoy the peace and quiet and take the occasional swim again. Summer has really ended and it starts to become colder. But it doesn’t bother us.

The Sun Living motorhome is cozy and warm and with all comfort on board, we’re convinced you can travel all year round with this one.


After 2 lazy days the motorhome takes us to Luxemburg City. We park it in the city center and visit the Bock Kazematten. Together with the kids we search for canons whilst enjoying the beautiful views on the city. We decide to have a drink in the city center before we go to the campsite close by. Our spot is one next to the playground. So the kids can have more fun as we are preparing dinner.


The next morning we get up bright and early. The end of the holiday is approaching but it will not end before we visit Plopsaland in Coo. Again the scenic views along the way make us enjoy every minute of our trip. We park near the themepark and find a nice café for a well-deserved Belgian beer. The next day the kids really enjoy all the fun in Plopsaland. And we enjoy them with their happy faces.


That same night we start our way back to the Netherlands. As this is still a fair distance we decide to do one more stopover for the night. It is already quite late when we arrive at the Eurocamping in Vessem and within minutes, everyone is sound asleep. A warm welcome awaits us the next morning. The kids receive colouring books to play with along the way. Taking a look outside we see that this campsite is really one to tell your friends about: several outside pools, playgrounds, a tennis court … all for just 10 €!


We arrive home around noon. The holiday is really over. We clean the motorhome and unpack it. Which is quite disappointing to Anna and Stijn. They would like to “move” into the motorhome. Mission accomplished!


Max, Maureen, Stijn & Anna