Joris and Ceder On Tour

It is also known as Indian Summer, the period from late September till midst of November. Clear wheather with temperatures above average and nature showing it’s best colours. It is a wonderful period to explore with a motorhome. And that is exactly what Joris and Ceder did.

The holidays began at the dealer place.

On Tour to the Belgian Ardennes with Sun Living V 65 SL. They chose this model specifically to be compact travellers who want to experience the outdoors. Provided with all confort, such as an awning to sit under. Rochefort was the first destination. The couple already had some experience travelling with a motorhome from their longer trip in the United States. This week they stay closer to home. 

Via curvy roads Rochefort is left behind and Torgny is next. Many stops along the way, passing the nights on small campsites. When darkness sets in, drinking a nice glass whilst under the awning really enlarges the feeling of being outdoors and enjoying life. 

Joris: driving the Sun Living V 65 SL was a great experiene. It is silent and powerful. The comfortable seats make you forget you are travelling longer than just daily trips. A true pleasure. 

Ceder likes the versatility of the Van. Everything is on board and you are completely independent. If we were to own a vehicle ourselves instead of renting, we would add a solar panel so we would not need any electricity anymore.

Time flies when you are having fun. Ceder loves taking pictures and Indian Summer shows it’s best. “We will certainly do this again. When planning a holiday you often think of summer time, but this period is really a feast for the eye.”