Holiday planning? First, see your dealer.

People often think that maintenance on their motorhome or van can be skipped for a year, if the vehicle isn’t being used much or you are travelling less often. In reality, that’s a misconception. 

In any vehicle the moving parts are supposed to move, if they don’t move for longer periods of time, they can become stuck.  Also, tyres – it’s not a perfect situation for them when the vehicle stands still for a long time, they could flatten or get damaged. Another important part that needs regular check-ups is the gas installation. 

Of course, regular yearly checks on a new motorhome or van are also needed for to meet the requirements of the warranty. 

So, think about this:

  • Take care of water leakage test. This needs to be done by an official dealer in order to comply with your warranty.
  • Check the brakes and shock absorbers if the vehicle has been standing for a long time.
  • Check the tyres. Even if they look okay, replace them after 6 years.
  • Ask your dealer to check everything related to gas. Gas tubes have an expiration date.
  • Engine also needs attention. Fill up all the liquids, and your dealer will run necessary checks in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

So, before you start your next trip, schedule an appointment at you dealer’s – and make sure that a simply great holiday and nothing else happens this summer.