Finally, we’re going camping!

Sandra always wanted to go camping. She finally convinced her partner to go, in a Sun Living S 70 SP. Together with their 2 boys, Jayson (6) and Lyam (4) they explored many new places. This is their story.


It’s been my wish for years: taking the family on a camping trip. The freedom always seemed ideal for our 2 boys, Jayson and Lyam. Their father was never very anxious to go camping. He prefers a sunbed by the pool in some hotel. Not that I do not like that, but one also wants to do something different. So, when we started to discuss the destination for our spring holiday, I suggested it again: “Let’s go camping. Rent a motorhome, take the boys on a trip. Take their bikes, let’s go explore. They can really have a lot of fun, play with other kids and on top, we get to something new for a change.”


Guess what … he said YES! And the destination, we chose Marne-la-vallée and the belgian Ardennes.


Picking up the motorhome was already the beginning of the party for the boys. Once they saw it, they became very excited. After a thorough explanation by the dealer we take the Sun Living S 70 SP home to pack our own things, put the bikes on the bicycle holder and make the beds. In the back there is a comfy bed for 2 people with below a large luggage space, or “garage” as the dealer calls it. Above the seating area a bed is placed against the ceiling. How thrilling is that, sleeping up high.      


Soon after we departure, my partner Sidney feels king of the road already. The high seats give you a clear view and once stepping in it feels like holiday already. And the kids? They are having so much fun in the back. Playing games, making drawings or do some gaming. They are actually not aware we’ve been driving for a few hours. Such a relaxed start of the holiday. Disneyland, here we come!


Our first destination is  Camping International de Jablines, just 9 km outside Disney, situated near a beautiful lake. We choose our spot on the campsite and we are surprisingly fast in settling down. Park the motorhome, plug in the electricity, take out the table and chairs and that’s it. Of course we need to take down the bikes for the boys, the immediately see their chances to go free without mom and dad. No problem for us, there is not a lot of trafiic on the campsite, so I feel comfortable letting them go.       


Suddenly he says: we’re going barbequeing. Sit down and relax, I will take care of everything. You don’t need to tell me that a second time ?.    


After dinner the boys have a lot of fun in the shower on the campsite. But they’re are also surprised. “Mom, we showered, got dressed, brushed our teeth and now we have to go back outside again?” Of course, we need to get back to the motorhome. Walking outside with your pj’s on … this is an adventure on itself. At home, they often argue when it’s time for bed. But not today. They’re tired from all the new impressions. We can hear them giggle a bit in the lifting bed, but very fast we hear nothing more than peace and quiet.



Today is the day! We’re going to Disneyland Paris. The biggest suprise for the boys this holiday, for sure. We did not tell them anything. They just do not know where to look. So many impressions. I can enjoy that so much. My kids wondering, being amazed by what they see. The Disney castle, Mickey Mouse (you can even touch him!!), it’s a small world … even I feel like a kid again. And also Sidney is having a great time. The sun is shining, our kids are happy, as a parent you cannot wish for a better day.



The day after Disney it rains. So we decide to go to Val d’Europe. A large shopping center in Marne-la-vallée. Not to go shopping (eventhough mom would really like to) but to visit Sealife. With its penguins and exotic big and small fish. Big eyes, many ooh’s and aah’s and Mom look over there! My monkeys are so excited. A rainy grey day was turned into a day full of discoveries.                    


Our stay in Marne-la-vallée is coming to an end. Next destination: the belgian Ardennes. But not before I have seen the Eifel tower. I’ve never been there and we’re now so close. Sidney leads the motorhome smoothly through the busy Paris traffic and then, there it is, le Tour Eiffel. We could get so close with the motorhome. Not something we’d expected up front. What a beautiful sight to see!


The Belgian Ardennes

See the Eifel tower can be taken off my bucketlist so it’s on to Belgium. We were recommended this campsite, Camping Parc La Clusure in Bure. This 5 star campsite is highly appreciated and has won many ANWB awards. We understand why. It’s beautiful with spacious places, many facilities and lots of (sports) activities. Despite the numerous places to eat, I’m making diner myself tonight. We’re all hungry for Spaghetti. The diner for 4 is made easily inside the motorhome. There is more than enough space on the cooker.


For the next day, we planned yet another adventurous trip: to see the famous Han caves. I’ve hear so many things about this and I really want to go there. I am not disappointed. Inside it is almost magical. The lights are enchanting, one sight is even prettier than the previous one. If you’re in the neighbourhood, do step by. It is astonishing beyond words. We found our information on this website.


You know it is coming, but still it is hard to accept, the last day. Tomorrow we go back home. So today, we’re really going to enjoy ourselves. We start with a good family breakfast. We need some energy as we will go cycling today. My 3 men enjoy begin actively outside and the time we spend as a family together. We pass a Zoo or more of a Wildpark and of course we visit. The animals run free and a small train takes you through the park to see them. It doesn’t get more adventurous than this.


From the Ardennes we drive back home. We’re enjoying the ride and all highlights of this holiday pass by again. The scenery, the activities, what we’ve done as a family. Sidney is enthousiastic and really enjoyed himself. Going camping is so much more fun than he expected. And the kids? They want to go again next week. It doesn’t matter where to, as long as they can walk around again, outside in their pj’s!


Sandra, Sidney, Jayson en Lyam