Finally we could go!

Finally we could go! After more than 18 months of Covid restrictions, we could finally go on holiday in July 2021. And so we did! We would have a beautiful Sun Living S 75 SL at our disposal for 3 full weeks. My wife and I once travelled 3 weeks through the Southwest of the United States in a motorhome, but this would be our first motorhome holiday with our 5 year old daughter and with the possibility to leave from our own home. This was the big advantage already from the start. After we picked up our daughter from school and the motorhome from the dealer in Ede, we drove home. Instead of having to pack suitcases, which you usually do when you go on holiday, we pack the motorhome peacefully right in front of our house. So much storage space! We thought we were taking a lot of stuff with us (our daughter had collected her toys rather enthusiastically), but we still had a lot of space left.

The day after we picked up and packed the motorhome, we went on our way. Our daughter was so excited, as soon as she got dressed she sat down in the motorhome, not to leave it again. It was very quiet on the road and the motorhome drove smoothly. Android Auto navigation worked properly and before we knew it, we reached Guînes France, near Calais, our first destination. The weather was perfect so after the well cooked meal (conveniently prepared in the functional kitchen) we jumped into the pool.

We really enjoyed our stay and spend the next day swimming, relaxing, discovering the area on our bikes and of course picked up some local treats at the “boulangerie”. For our next day of travelling we chose the sceneric route with panoramic views along the coast. The motorhome drives really well on the highway, but you have the most fun when you take the smaller roads that lead to the most beautiful places. As you sit higher in the motorhome cabin, you can see a lot more. “Our” Sun Living was equipped with a panoramic roofwindow which meant a lot of natural light inside. Being inside felt more like being outside. As we were enjoying the views our daughter was in the dinette colouring or playing. 

From Calais to Normandie
Just enjoying the view

Our final destination that day was Camping Le Brévendent in Normandie.

Normandie is not known for its nice climate but we were very lucky! It was pure pleasure, from dipping in the pool on the charming campsite, to the wonderful camembert and smooth calvados. We had very nice fellow-campers and fun activities to do, so we did not want to be anywhere else for a while.

After a couple of days, the weather forecast was a lot less optimistic so we started the engine and left for the Loire valley, known for its castles. Here we really benefitted from the bike carrier with our bikes. As the Loire valley is rather flat, we really enjoyed exploring on 2 wheels. Many views and nice cities as Blois became new memories. And of course, we had to visit a castle.

Chateau de Chambord

After 2 weeks of holiday, it was time to meet up with family in the Auvergne. First with my cousin, her husband and kids who had just visited Italy with their motorhome. To put the 2 motorhomes together and have the kids play with each other, it was the best. After that, we left to my aunt’s home where also other relatives gathered. As we were sleeping in the motorhome on the driveway, there was enough space for everyone to sleep over. And eventhough it started to rain heavily, we all had fun. Besides, staying inside the motorhome during the rain is a lot more comfortable then in a tent.

To all good things, comes an end. It was time to return home. We made one last stop at a campsite just near Orléans and drove back home in 1 go the next day.


That final day it was just a matter of unpacking the motorhome, cleaning it and returning it to the dealer. We were a little sad to say goodbye to our loyal friend on wheels with which we had so much fun the past 3 weeks.

The Geertzema Family


The Geertzema Family won a holiday with the Sun Living S 75 SL at the 2019 edition of the dutch national Caravaning Exhibition in Utrecht. Due to the pandemic they could finally go on their trip in July 2021.