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World premiere

A new Sun rises over Düsseldorf

Friday August 25th, 2017. It’s Press Day at Europe’s biggest camping and leisure vehicle show and the new Sun Living brand gets its moment in the spotlight. For journalists this annual ritual, straight after returning from holidays, must be something of an endurance test, with a press conference somewhere in the dozen or so gigantic exhibition halls, every thirty minutes.

This year on the impressive Adria Mobil stand, something is afoot. The stand has been redesigned and rearranged, there’s two giant new cyan blue totems and a new but somehow familiar sound, a song that won’t leave you. Its called ‘For Ella’, an enchanting, mesmerizing song which kicks off the new Sun Living world premiere and permeates the stand over the coming days.

For the new Sun Living team, it’s the culmination of two years of product development and a moment of truth. Two hundred journalists crowd the stand, momentarily escape to Sardinia – the home of the new Sun Living movie – and then follow the short but powerful presentation. “A new way of looking at the world” is the theme and the stars of the show are the three all-new and innovative vehicle series, motorhomes and vans designed for a new generation.

So what’s so special about the new Sun Living motorhomes and vans? Simple, smart designs where the use of space is the true innovation, where spaces can be easily transformed from day use to night use, open plan flexible living spaces and specifications which are ‘just enough’, what you need but no excess. A simple concept, yet devilishly difficult to pull off.  

New Sun Living vehicles are coming to the autumn camping fairs and dealerships, all over Europe right now, so go see for yourself. Time indeed to #explorenewspaces.

New Sun Living can be seen at the following camping fairs:

Country  City Tradeshow Date
Sweden Jonkoping Scandinavian caravan show 6.9. - 10 .9. 2017
Italy Parma Il salone del camper 9. 9 - 17.9. 2017
Norway Oslo Caravan and leisure 14.9.-17.9.2017
Finland  Lahti Caravan Finland 15.9.-17.9.2017
Belgium Brussels Mobicar 13.10.-17.10.2017
Great Britain Birmingham NCC motorhome and caravan show 17.10.-22.10.2017
Switzerland Bern Suisse caravan salon 26.10. - 30.10. 2017
Nederlands Utrecht Kamper en Caravan Jaarbeurs 11. 10.-15. 10. 2017
Germany Stuttgart CMT 13.-21.1.2018
Denmark Herning Ferie for Alle 23.-25.2.2018
Spain Barcelona International Caravanning Show October 2018