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Exploring New Spaces

Time to hide-away

The concept of vario-space isn’t new, for any designer the concept that one space can accommodate many different functions is an appealing one. With new Sun Living our designers have taken the concept one step further, where living space itself becomes the central focus of the recreational vehicle and innovative new hide-away features are just one part of the solution.

Why all the focus on living space? It’s a reflection of the way we choose to live now. Just compare house or apartment design and how that has changed over the decades. Consider also that it’s not just about families, we now choose to travel as groups, friends, sometimes even alone and sometimes as an extended family. We use new smart devices, we watch TV on tablets and we graze on food at all times of the day. So much has changed in how we live and how we travel and the new Sun Living collection just makes holiday and leisure travel so much more convenient, easier and more connected.

You’ll particularly like the space of not just the ‘living room’ but of the entire vehicle, there’s more space in the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom. There’s easier flow around the space, more headroom and new flexibility.

The new Sun Living Exclusive features include “Hide-away” features are especially helpful. In the S-Series and A-Series motorhomes the rear bedrooms become an extra living room during the day and the bathroom retracts when you need more room to prepare lunch. Even in the V-Series camper van the rear bedroom transforms into a living room when not in use, or becomes additional practical space for storage, even for snacking.

If you’d like to experience a different way of travelling, find the vehicle and layout that works for you and look out for the new Sun Living Exclusive feature icon and discover a whole new way of looking at the world.