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Exploring New Places

Sardinia, it’s a wild new experience.

There’s 1850km of coastline in Sardinia and this fiercely independent and stunningly attractive island should be on your ‘new places to go’ list. Officially Sardinia enjoys over 135 sunny days per year and the weather is generally reliable from late spring onwards. Best to avoid the Italian national holidays and peak summer but in May, June or even in September and early October it can be pretty quiet, which just adds to the feeling of its rugged wildness.

The famed Costa Smeralda on the north end of the island, above Olbia helped make Sardinia famous amongst the glitterati and of course should feature in any itinerary, if nothing else than to try out some of the beaches or the amazing rock formations.

The real treasures of Sardinia however are wilder and maybe a bit less obvious. We travelled in a new Sun Living S series and live in it whilst we were filming for this website and for the catalogues, and got to experience new spaces and new places.

Basing ourselves around Alghero paid dividends, for it is in easy reach of the famous La Pelosa peninsular, and Stintino which can boast one of the most stunning coastal views anywhere in the world. In May, when we were there it was blissfully quiet and the spring flowers in all their pink and yellow glory just added to the scenery. Unmissable and unforgettable day.

Sardinia enjoys a good climate and at times great winds so the kite-surfers and windsurfers had a field day, with empty beaches, consistent winds and the easy pleasures of the nearest surf shack for fresh grilled seafood and local beer. There’s lots of such beaches, wild and windswept all around the island and often the most unprepossessing road turn off, takes you to a new unforgettable place.

Head south from Alghero and surely one of the most memorable road trips awaits you. In May the roads were deserted and as the early morning sun rose, the awe-inspiring beauty of this piece of winding tarmac never bothered the motorhome and was certainly kind on the lens. You can experience this sweeping majesty on the new Sun Living video on this website or better still plan your own trip. Make sure you visit, the colourful town of Bosa too.

As for the rest of the island, well two weeks would be the minimum to explore most of it and we never had enough time on this trip. To the south, many more beaches and of course the capital of Cagliari is a must see, especially the old quarter, rich in history and culture. And of course at Su Nuraxi, the ancient prehistoric constructions are on everybody’s list to visit, with such history to be found all over Sardinia.

As for the best beach on the whole island, well it is rumoured to be near Chia, in the south west at Capo Spartiveno by the Roman town of Nora, but that will have to wait for next time.

We had a brief visit, but Sardinia, especially out of season, is one new place which should be on your list.